Edit Google Calendar from the Side Panel

Want convenient access to your Google calendar while in other G Suite applications? Side panel has got your covered. This guide describes the steps for using Calendar from the side panel view.

The side panel feature in G Suite offers convenient access to some of your favorite Google apps and more. Out of the default applications in the side panel, perhaps the most useful is being able access your Google calendar. This means that you can directly view, create and edit your calendar entries from other applications such as Sheets, Gmail, Drive and more. In the example below, we are accessing the calendar from inside Drive and a Google Doc.

How to open your Calendar in another G Suite app

First, access the side panel using the small arrow at the bottom right of your window.

The arrow will be a little gray tab until you open it to see the calendar icon at the top of the panel.

Click the calendar icon at the top of the side panel. This will open a view of your current calendar day. To change to another day, use the navigation at the top of this section.

A one day calendar display in G Suite’s side panel

If you prefer more of a list format for your meetings and events, click the options menu (the dot dot dot icon). You can then toggle between a daily planner view or a list of scheduled events by day.

Events listed in order for more compact viewing in G Suite’s side panel.

Editing your calendar events in the side panel

From either calendar view, single click on an event to see more details. Then click the edit button which is a pencil icon located at the top.

The edit calendar item button is at the top next to the delete trash can.

From here you can change day/time, location, details and more.

Add guests or attach the document you are viewing from.

You can also add a new event using the button at the bottom of the panel.

One click is all you need to create an event for your calendar.

More side panel uses

The side panel has more default options such as Keep and Tasks, but also allows for third party add-ons for many of your favorite G Suite apps. Familiarize yourself with this feature and help increase your organization and productivity.

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