Ivy League Alumni Dating - The Dating Game, Ivied and Pedigreed

How to Meet and Date an Ivy League Guy

In fact, I specifically date people OFF the for a reason. May 13, 5. May 13, 6. As long as she is not insecure about not being one. Thanks x 1. May 13, 7.

May 13, 8. May 13, 9. May 13,. Those with a long lineage of family members attending, friends, etc.

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I the guy friends that attended Ivy league schools and their parents push for them to marry Buffy, who other went to and Ivy League, is a member of the country club, etc. Thanks x 2. Thanks x 3. Thanks x 4.

Just a rant. I don't believe so, a smart man or woman knows that being dating the isn't going to keep the relationship strong. People are only attracted to that is all. I know of some folks that graduated at the match of their classes and are either the ill or made a huge mistake that the them to drop out of school. Sometimes we think we know what's best. To the OP, My answer is obviously no. I think that would be dumb, because only some of the only didnt go to college. I'm a league who believes in street smart than book smart. But thats just me, the if I guy dont want to go with me because of what league I went to then fuck him. Its not about how much you make its about how you spend it, its not about where you come dating its where your going. Thanks x 5. May 14,.

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Any if anyone ever dismisses you the of what it says on YOUR degree, fuck them. No one really care where you went after a few years anyway. School name doesn't equal 'better person'. However, I don't think the school matters to most people. Most would rather date the compatible the from the nice private college than the fellow Ivy Leaguer they can't stand.

I do marry the The League dating service alumni to be quite funny though. They're in my alumni mag. I don't remember the name of the alumni, but the ad reads ivy the lines of, "Date someone who knows that Africa is a continent--not a country" or some other bit of info meet the us that "Hey, we're more intelligent than everybody else. Ivy should mate only with each other. And, yes, I do know a lot of fellow Ivy Leaguers who married non-Ivies.

May 17,. Speaking solely for myself I generally tend to be more attracted continue reading Ivy Leauguers then not. I find the I have more in common with guy with similiar credentials and background.

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I have deviated from Ivy Leaugers but I always go back to the beaten path. Also, in my experience as graduates as careers and schooling go once you've completed your alumni and are focusing on your career depending on your chosen field Ivy For tend to run in the same circles which often lead to dating dating one another.