A solid foundation is critical

Property Management solutions

Valiant Technology’s experience in the property management industry brings an understanding of the unique challenges and innovative solutions, enabling your business goals to be realized through stable, secure, and scalable managed technology.

Property Management technology infrastructures require a solid foundation and the agility to scale with your business. Highly resilient networks, designed to improve communication between properties increases efficiency and allows you to take advantage of cutting-edge monitoring and IoT tools.

Building Management

Integrate building management software with existing systems to improve operations, gain new operational insight, and delight your tenants.

Internet of Things

Monitor building infrastructure and environmental conditions to identify risks, streamline maintenance, and optimize your workforce.

Managed service includes 24/7 monitoring of your technology infrastructure, proactive support, unlimited helpdesk, and vCIO consulting to ensure your technology is properly aligned with business goals – all for a flat rate.

Core Monitoring

Monitoring of network and related systems and appropriate responses as needed, ensuring that your systems are running as designed.

Proactive Support

Valiant’s team is dedicated to preventing and remediating problems before they can happen, including all system maintenance and educational resources.

Backup Monitoring

Dedicated Valiant resources protect and monitor your data, ensuring that backups are current, valid, and restorable.

vCIO Consulting

Our Virtual CIOs work with you to understand your technology needs, and form a plan aligned with your business goals.

Shared Services

Our team automates manual, time-consuming tasks to reduce problems and implement best practices for your technology.

Flat-Rate Changes

Improve employee satisfaction with an onboarding process that enables you to get new hires up and running fast.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Research performed by Google shows that the proper use of multi-factor authentication can block up to 100% of bot-based attacks.

Multi-factor authentication can protect your company from attacks, data leakage, and other security issues. Our security services include multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention, and best practices training.

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Discover new opportunities with an IT Assessment

Identify risk and discover how your business can become more powerful, resilient, and innovative.

Valiant Technology's IT Assessment process identifies risks before they can become costly problems, bottlenecks, and other problems that decrease network reliability and efficiency.

A technology roadmap based on assessment findings provides a clear path to technology that is aligned with your business, resilient, and secure.

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  1. Assessment

    Identify risks and discover opportunities with a complete review of your IT infrastructure, security, and operational resilience. Results are benchmarked against our best practices and used to design a technology roadmap.

  2. Remediation

    Engineers design solutions to solve identified problems and align your technology with our best practices, improving stability and security, and enabling your technology to scale with your business.

  3. Managed Service

    360° monitoring, proactive support, and vCIO consulting keeps your technology running smoothly while our training services improve workplace satisfaction and maintain security.