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Workplace collaboration fuels growth.

Principles and best practices for small business collaboration adoption strategies.

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Workplace Collaboration Adoption Strategy Principles.

Workplaces have taken shape, grown, and become increasingly complex over the past several decades but one hallmark of a healthy business has remained constant: teams that excel in collaborative environments drive growth.

This guide also contains:

  • Identifying the right technologies for your team
  • 8 best practices for the adoption of collaborative work
  • Fostering team cohesion and setting expectations
  • Creating feedback loops for continuous improvement

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1. Build trust across your team

Involve your people from the start by making them an integral part of planning your adoption strategy and associated decision-making processes.

2. Set realistic expectations

When setting expectations, concentrate on the “why” before the “how.”

3. Provide the right tools and support

Incorporate the implementation and training of each piece of technology you plan on using into your adoption plan.

4. Create collaboration opportunities

The most effective collaboration within a workplace happens organically; naturally formed between team members and common goals.

5. Iterative improvement

Successful adoption of workplace collaboration isn’t an end goal. It’s the first step in a continuous cycle of iterative improvement that helps your business and people be more productive and drive growth.


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