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Guides and how-to posts for common, and some not so common, computer problems.

Delayed Email Delivery with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has a ton of amazing features that are often overlooked (because there are so many). One that people often miss is “Delayed Delivery”. This feature allows you to...
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Integrating Microsoft Forms with Teams

Chances are that if your business uses Microsoft Office 365, you also have access to Forms and Teams. Microsoft Forms is an online form and quiz builder that can be...
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Migrating FreeOTP Data to a New Android Phone

Purchasing a new mobile phone can be fun; searching for one that fits your needs, receiving the package in the mail, and getting your first whiff of that new phone...
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Checking disk space usage with Ncdu

Understanding disk space usage on a server is a routine, and important, task for many admins. While the du command is a common item in the Linux admin’s toolkit, its...
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Office Ergonomics and Employee Productivity

A comfortable employee is a productive employee. Placing an increased emphasis on ergonomics in the work place allows employers to ensure their staff remain safe, work comfortably, and avoid costs...
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Disabling OSX Screenshot Drop Shadows

The native screenshot utility in OSX is very handy, and I use it on a daily basis while creating documentation for our clients and staff. I am, however, not a...
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Not Me: Managing mail with the power of the “not me” mail flow rule.

2590. That’s the number of emails currently sitting in a folder called “not me”. And that’s just from the last six months (because my mail auto-archives anything over six months...
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Consumer Electronics on Enterprise Networks

With all of the recent technological advancements coming in to our homes, smart automation devices are without a doubt at the forefront. Revenue generated by home automation and consumer electronics...
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Have You Tried Turning It Off & On Again?

Argh! What is it with IT guys asking this question as soon as you call them with a problem with your computer, tablet, phone, printer or anything else that has...
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Apple App Store: Grayed Out Apple ID Explained

We’ve all seen it. You try to update some software on a Mac and BAM you have a pre-populated Apple ID in the login prompt. Because it is grayed out...
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