IT Strategic Planning for Small Business


IT Strategies and actionable steps to protect your business and help it grow in the new year.

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Strategic IT Planning for Small Business

Information Technology plays an essential role in business operations, and it’s critical to develop and implement strategies that enable and scale with business growth. The past year has redefined priorities and how we work, and a measurable IT strategy aligned with business goals is more important than ever.

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IT  New Year's Resolutions

Small improvements can lead to big breakthroughs for businesses of all sizes.

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2021 Blueprints

Business growth begins with a plan, and we're covering the positive impact IT strategies play in business operations, customer experiences, and reaching goals.

Use our IT Budget and Strategy templates to create a roadmap for business growth in 2021.

Measuring Success

Effective strategies must include key performance indicators (KPIs) that determine if your plan is delivering business value.

Learn 10 KPIs that help ensure performance is well-aligned with your IT strategy and business goals.

The Blueprints

SMB Blueprint Kit

Our kit contains all of the items you need to build an effective IT strategy for 2021:

  • IT budget template 2.0
  • IT Strategy template
  • IT Strategy checklist
  • IT KPI definitions & selection guide
2021 Resolutions

Take Action Now

Creating a blueprint for growth is only the first step. Turn our insight into actionable steps for business growth by following our to SMB IT Resolutions for 2021.

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