We are a tribe, not just a team.
We are curious, always growing.
We do the right thing, and we do it now.
We. Are. Awesome.
We are Valiant.

What is Valiant Technology?

We are your tech support.

We are your help desk. Your cloud architects. Your server administrators. Your password resetters. Your workflow designers. Your IT gurus. We are your trusted advisor for all things technical, digital, electronical (we know that’s not a word, but its fun to say).

Our History

For over 15 years Valiant has been handling the tech needs of customers from a wide spectrum of industries. From Advertising to Accounting, Public Relations to Publishing, we’ve been there, and fixed that. Try and stump us with a new problem, we dare you.

We’ve also worked with firms of every size. From 2 people in a co-working space to 200 people spread across the country, Valiant’s tech team has handled the challenges common to a business your size.

Why do we do this?

To change the world of course.

We will change the perception of the “tech guy” as an unapproachable weenie, or an unintelligible fanboy/slave to a particular brand (we love Macs, Windows, iPhones and Androids all equally well).

We will change the idea that Tech Support is a “cost center”. We believe that technologists are change agents. Simply put, technology is what advances the world, from the wheel to the steam engine, the light bulb to Saturn V rockets, technology makes things better.

Why do we do it? Because we love to make things better for our customers. Call it ‘repressed hero issues’, sure, we’ll take it up with our therapist. But in the meantime, let us wear the cape. It looks cool.

The Founders