Live Stream: MFA Authenticator Apps

Last week, our live stream covered MFA apps for time-based one-time passcodes. Time-based passcodes are temporary passcodes generated by an algorithm that uses the current time and a secret key (the QR code) as an authentication factor.

Watch our recording to learn more about time-based OTP codes and our picks for authenticator apps:

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Microsoft Authenticator
A software-based authenticator, available for iOS and Android, enabling multi-factor verification using TOTP and other algorithms.

Google Authenticator
Google’s software-based authenticator, also available for iOS and Android devices.

Top-rated 2FA authentication app including backup and multi-device features available for iOS, Android, and Google Chrome.

Open-source software-based authenticator app available for iOS and Android devices. FreeOTP is sponsored and officially published by Red Hat.

OTP Manager
Software-based authenticator for macOS available in the App Store.

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