A Guide to Computer Video Ports

Technology change quickly and when it comes to the types of cables used for video, you may need a cable that was first used over three decades ago or one that only recently became a standard to attach a computer to a screen.

If you’re working remotely now, knowing the type of cable you’ll need to connect your computer to a screen can prevent frustration and keep you productive, so we’ve compiled a bit of a cheat sheet with the most common types used today.


VGA stands for Video Graphics Array, and it has the honor of being the oldest type of video connector still in use – since 1987.

VGA sends an analog (rather than digital) signal to the screen or monitor.


DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface.

Most monitors and screens come with one DVI cable and a connector. DVI is most seen on LCD monitors and PC video cards. Even though digital is in the name, this cable does not always have to carry a digital signal.

DVI denotes three connector types: DVI-D (carries a digital signal), DVI-A (carries an analog signal) and finally DVI-I (which integrates digital and analog signals.)


DisplayPort is mostly found on Macintosh computers, although it is found on some PC’s, primarily Dell computers.

It was originally developed to replace VGA and DVI. 

Mini DisplayPort

The Mini DisplayPort is a miniaturized version of the DisplayPort.

Like the DisplayPort, it is primarily compatible with Macintosh products, with a few PC exceptions. 


HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface.

HDMI has become increasingly popular for computer monitors and is the current standard for television connections. The reason for its ubiquity is that it transmits both audio and video signals, unlike some of the other connections listed above. 

If you’re unsure of the type of cable you’ll need, Google and manufacturer’s websites are an excellent resource to turn to. Finding a product page for your computer will often list the types of display adapters it supports, and that will tell you the exact type of cable you’ll need to connect to a screen.

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