Understanding Remote Monitoring and Management Software

Remote Monitoring and Management, or RMM, is at the heart of any MSP. All the benefits of hiring an MSP, from the expert Help desk to our ability to take proactive steps to keep your business efficient and safe, stem from the ability of our RMM.  It falls to the RMM to “patch, automate scripts, have remote control, take inventory of the environment, monitor, generate alerts, integrate with PSAs, and so on.” (datto.com).

RMM is what fundamentally separates MSP’s from a “break-fix” model, where your IT support drops in for a one-time fee to fix whatever broke. Any business that wants to remain competitive in its field knows that the “break-fix” model just won’t cut it anymore. You need to know that your business is operating efficiently and can grow with the demands of the technological landscape.

Valliant’s President, Georg Dauterman, says, “RMM is a platform, every MSP has its own way of using it… these tools allow us to manage multiple systems in disparate locations… it allows us to manage them proactively and when they break, fix them rapidly.” This is the proactive stance that MSPs take with your business and RMM is how we achieve that goal. RMM helps our technicians achieve the innovation that we strive to deliver for your business.

Thanks to a long and fruitful relationship with our RMM provider Datto, Valiant has the ability to be involved with how the RMM improves and delivers added value to clients. We were an early adopter of their services and have grown into a Blue Global Partner with our President a member of their global advisory board. This close relationship means that we get to give feedback to Datto about what we like, and what we think can be improved. We are involved with the RMM that makes our business possible, and your business better.

Megan is a member of our Marketing & Sales team, assisting in demonstrating the value of our services and ensuring positive experiences for prospective clients. When not working with technology,...

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