Enhanced Service and IT Governance via Our New Client Portal

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new client support portal! Our new portal provides a comprehensive insight into IT operations for our clients and enhances the services and solutions we provide, enabling greater protection of businesses and ways to identify opportunities for growth.

Support portals are nothing new; any reputable managed service provider will make one available to clients to assist with support needs and account management, but our portal provides much more insight. From support tickets and the current state of IT operations to future plans over the coming year, it’s in here.

Support Tickets

The ability to provide efficient and effective service to our clients is critical, and clear communication around an issue improves the experience for everyone involved. When an issue is submitted to our service desk, our team relies on the information in tickets, provided by clients and other team members, to efficiently resolve them.

Support ticket list and status screen

Our new ticketing portal streamlines the ticket submission process and includes shortcuts for common problems, reducing the time it takes to submit and resolve a ticket. Sometimes a problem, such as a service outage, impacts more than a single user, and the portal actively monitors and displays the status of many services that are in use, including Office 365 and Gmail.

Security & Compliance

Networks are very dynamic in nature; they are constantly adjusted and fine-tuned to support the needs of businesses. With each change that is made, other actions are required to ensure that security is both effectively monitored and maintained.

Infrastructure overview screen

Our portal includes security oversight and compliance features to provide an at-a-glance overview of users with administrative rights, data breaches reported by 3rd parties, email filtering, and login activity across an entire client network.

Compliance policies built into the portal monitor client networks for the presence of applications in identified categories that do not belong on computers, monitors domain registrations and renewals, and provide reports on the usage and maintenance of antivirus software, system patches and updates, warranty coverage, and resource usage.

3rd party data breach listing

Training modules including our Cybersecurity 101 training and phishing quizzes are also included in the portal to help raise security awareness across an entire business.

Quarterly Business Reviews & Planning

Business technology is only effective when it’s properly aligned with goals. Our Quarterly Business Reviews are designed to provide businesses with insight into their current state of IT operations and include suggested remediation for identified problems and recommendations to enable future growth.

Quarterly Business Review activities

While our QBR process isn’t new, it is greatly enhanced by our portal. Clients have the ability to view QBR information alongside quotes for related projects and an overview of planned activities on a calendar by each quarter of the year. This at-a-glance approach provides a high level of insight into where a business’s technology is now and where it will be over the course of each quarter, providing the ability to align goals with a budget, to ensure IT operations stay on track to support business growth.

Setting the new standard

Our new support portal represents an evolutionary step in managed services for businesses of all sizes. Managing technology is no longer about fixing issues; it’s about forming partnerships with a trusted service provider who does more than provide support – by protecting your business and helping you meet your goals.

If you are a Valiant client, access our new portal by going to https://portal.thevaliantway.com. For more information on how to open a support ticket, please view the how-to video located in our Knowledge Base.

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We’re proud to announce the launch of our new client support portal! Our new portal provides a comprehensive insight into IT operations for our clients and enhances the services and...

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