Wi-Fi 6 Quiz: challenge your colleagues!

Valiant’s Infrastructure Month has explored the benefits of the latest specification of wireless networking, Wi-Fi 6.

From its origins to the tech’s latest innovations, we’ve explored the history and future of the technology and the opportunities enabled by its increased speed, security, and ability to support dense environments without sacrificing performance.

We also released a new Wi-Fi 6 report that dives deeper into each topic covered in our blog and new knowledgebase articles!

Have you followed our posts around Wi-Fi 6 over the past month? If so, take our Wi-Fi 6 quiz to test your knowledge on the latest in wireless technology!

Want to learn more about how Wi-Fi 6 can introduce efficiencies, improve security, and provide you with connectivity that can help grow your business? Be sure to view our Wi-Fi 6 webinar, hosted by Maryann Dobrowolski and Meraki’s Samuel Anderson.

The end of Infrastructure Month marks the beginning of Innovation Month, where we’ll be talking about the latest innovations in technology and our own in-house efforts to bring new types of innovation to our services and clients!

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