Preparing the Enterprise for Wi-Fi 6’s Speed

Wi-Fi 6’s improvements are set to transform enterprise wireless networks. Higher speeds, improved security, and the ability to support more devices and remove limitations that often prevent the adoption of other technologies beneficial to many industries.

The new specification for wireless networking promises better support for the Internet of Things (IoT). For example, Wi-Fi 6’s improved connectivity simplifies the implementation of IoT devices used by building management companies to monitor the health of building infrastructure and better understand how spaces are used, resulting in improved efficiencies and happier tenants.

Keeping up with Wi-Fi 6

While Wi-Fi 6 opens up many opportunities for the enterprise, network administrators will need to ensure that infrastructure located downstream, network switches and other devices that are responsible for pushing information from one location to another, will need to be able to keep up with the steady flow of data.

Ensuring that your infrastructure is ready for Wi-Fi 6 may require increasing your network’s backbone with switches that can handle more throughput, and increasing your Internet connection’s speed.

In some cases, a review of existing network architecture will be needed to identify and mitigate areas where bottlenecks are possible. As wireless networking connectivity increases so will the demand made on each connection, and it’s critical to ensure they can be supported so Wi-Fi 6 can is seen as an asset and not a hindrance to your business’s productivity.

Meraki is the solution

Our team has been busy installing Meraki MR45 access points on many of the networks we manage, and we perform a full review of all existing network infrastructure before projects begin. If we determine a need to improve the core of a network, we suggest Meraki’s line of network switches.

Meraki’s switch management is simplified by their cloud-based dashboard, especially when you’re working with a large number of them – plus they’re easy to configure, and largely future-proof making them an ideal choice for both the enterprise and small businesses.

James Durante
Senior Reactive Service Technician, Valiant Technology

Meraki’s MS120-8, MS120-24, and MS120-48 switches deliver the performance required to take full advantage of Wi-Fi 6 wireless networking, reliably handling the transport of data throughout your network with port configurations for businesses of all sizes.

Cisco Meraki MS120-48 Cloud-Managed Switch

Each Meraki switch can be controlled via their cloud-based dashboard allowing for centralized management, remote troubleshooting, email-based alerting, and secure user-scheduled firmware updates. With Meraki switches at the core of your network and their Wi-Fi 6 certified wireless access points supporting your devices, you end up with a single pane of glass to monitor and maintain your network, optimizing management and providing you with the information you need to stay ahead requirements of the new technologies that can help your business work more efficiently and be positioned for success.

Interested in learning more about Meraki’s Wi-Fi 6 networking equipment and the benefits it can bring to your business? Join us for our webinar, Wi-Fi 6: A New Era of Wireless Networking, co-hosted with our friends at Meraki. The webinar also includes an overview of our IT Assessment process, an ideal first step to aligning your technology with your business goals while reducing risk and identifying new opportunities for growth.

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