Collaboration During Your Commute

Collaboration during your commute

On an average day, nearly 1.6 million commuters travel to Manhattan, doubling the island’s population during the workday. Some commuters choose to take the time to rest while others socialize or spend time concentrating on work.

Between college and my career, I’ve spent the past 20 years commuting on a regular basis. My commute, door-to-door, is about 90 minutes in each direction or 3 hours per day. If I commute 250 days per year it means that I’ve spent about 15,000 hours on the train! While a good portion has been dedicated to sleep, it’s also the perfect time to get a head start on the day.

A head start on the workday

This morning, Valiant’s President and I worked on some documents for a client during the morning commute – he travels from Westchester while I travel in from Long Island. We normally perform this type of task in person but decided to collaborate over Microsoft Teams before the workday began. Within a few minutes, our conversation over Teams included a screen sharing session and our document stored in SharePoint. Georg and I reviewed each section, making notes as we made our way through the document, and had it ready for our client in minutes.

With the task complete, we resumed our normal commute activities, got a head start on the day, and delivered the documentation to our client before the workday began!

The cloud is about collaboration

Microsoft 365’s suite of cloud-based applications makes collaborating with your team a simple and efficient process. It’s done more than change how we collaborate on tasks; it’s completely changed how we communicate with each other and has streamlined many daily routines.

Is your company using Microsoft Teams to its full potential? Learn more about Microsoft Teams and download our cheat sheets and power user guide or explore our training services to improve collaboration within your business today!

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