Tech Debt: A Ticking Financial Time Bomb

Tech Debt: A Financial Time Bomb

Are you aware of the monster potentially lurking within your organization? Its name is Tech Debt and it can bring business operations to a halt with absolutely no notice. 

Tech Debt is a topic that we often discuss with our clients. In this case, Tech Debt reflects the implied cost of additional work and IT remediation efforts as a result of using outdated or end-of-life equipment. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar. A company grows over time, scaling operations to meet demand. The technology infrastructure in place works, and you know that changes will need to be made, but you don’t have the time or resources to do so as you keep pushing forward.

As growth continues, you notice issues with the infrastructure’s stability. Your network originally designed to support 10 users is now buckling under the added stress of the 15 new employees added over the past year. Service outages begin to occur, you aren’t working as efficiently as you can be, and growth isn’t meeting your expectations. Any band-aids you’ve put in place are beginning to fall off and your business is bleeding revenue.

It’s always easier to prevent a fire than put one out and then deal with the damage left in its wake. A proactive approach to infrastructure management is always more cost effective than reacting to problems after they’ve had the opportunity to wreak havoc on business operations. 

When was the last time you checked the age of your infrastructure, workstations, and other technology your business depends on? How about software licenses and hardware warranties? If it’s been a while, it’s a sign that a refresh may be in order. 

Valiant Technology’s MSP clients receive routine expert consulting that includes a regular review of all technology assets to ensure your infrastructure is running properly and upgrades designed to prevent problems and increase productivity are planned and budgeted for.

Ultimately, nobody wants to hear that they need a new network because their technology is out of warranty and has reached end-of-life. The best way to stay ahead of the technology curve is to partner with a team that is looking out for you. Do you have one? If not, give us a call. 

Prior to joining the team at Valiant Technology in 2018, Matt spent several years in sales including 3 years as an Apple Retail Sales Expert. Matt’s combined passion for sales...

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