Valiant’s Top 5 Microsoft OneNote Tips

Valiant’s Top 5 Microsoft OneNote Tips

OneNote is a versatile app with many features, and our team is finding new uses for it every day. At its core, OneNote is a cloud-based note taking app much like a digital notebook that can record information in a variety of ways – text, audio, video, and even freehand writing and drawing.

Here are our top 5 tips for Microsoft OneNote:

Improve Organization with Subpages

If you are a frequent OneNote user, there’s a good chance that you have a lot of individual notes which can become a bit tough to manage over time. OneNote subpages allow you to create a hierarchy of pages that are related to each other.

To make an existing OneNote page a subpage, drag the page underneath the page you want to associate it with and then drag it to the right until the title is indented.

Capture Audio and Video

There are times when it takes more than text or images to convey an idea, and OneNote has the built-in ability to record both audio and video.

To add an audio or video clip to a page, click either Insert > Audio or Insert > Video depending on what you want to record. Recording begins as soon as OneNote add a media icon to the page. To stop recording, simply press the Stop button on the Audio & Video tab.

Embed Files in Pages

OneNote allows you to embed files in pages, making it easy to keep related data in one place. While OneNote is great for taking notes, there will be times you’ll want data to be in a more organized format like Excel.

To embed a file in a OneNote page, click Insert > File Attachment and select the file to attach. Keep in mind that if you modify the file stored outside of OneNote, it will not update the embedded version located in OneNote. If you want to include a file that can be stored elsewhere, for example an Excel file in SharePoint that others will be able to edit, insert a link to the file instead.

Take Organized Meeting Notes

Recording notes during a meeting can be quite a task, especially if you are an active participant. OneNote can be linked with Microsoft Outlook to make the process of taking notes much easier.

If you are the organizer of a meeting (you can still do this if you aren’t, but you won’t be able to share with other participants) open a calendar item in Outlook and click the Meeting Notes button. From here you can choose to share your notes with meeting participants or keep them to yourself, select a location in OneNote for your meeting notes, and click OK.

The newly created OneNote page will be linked to your calendar item, allowing you to keep meeting details and notes in a single place.

Share Notes with a Single Click

One of the handiest features of nearly every component of Office365 is the ability to easily share information and collaborate with others, and OneNote has the sharing abilities we’ve become accustomed to.

To share a page, simply click the Share button located at the top of OneNote’s window to quickly share pages with co-workers by typing in their name or copy a link that can be used to access the Note by anyone you share it with.

Do you have a Microsoft OneNote tip to share? Leave them in the comments below!

OneNote is a versatile app with many features, and our team is finding new uses for it every day. At its core, OneNote is a cloud-based note taking app much...

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