Moving on Up: Part 9 – Personal space

The paint is dry, the network is up, the time is upon us. Time to say goodbye to 501 and move on up to Valiant v6.0 (6.01, that is – if you’re in to semantic versioning).

The movers arrived right on time and quickly grabbed every available box, desk, chair, table and printer. The freight elevator was monopolized for just a few short hours. As the movers were slated to be done and leave, we got a great unexpected phone call – the lockers were almost here!

New office, new rules.

Rule #1: Keep the place clean.

Staff need a space to keep their belongings, so we decided to get lockers.

Thankfully we still had the movers booked for another hour, so we got them to deal with hauling the super-sized palette of stamped steel. My old back sighed in relief.

Lockers waiting to be moved to our new office.

Why lockers vs other options?

The lockers were a natural fit in the space, with the primary benefit of putting a long weird hallway to good use, next creating a roomy personal space for each person on the squad, and a final critical olfactory benefit of keeping gym clothes away from desks.

Lockers are a perfect fit in our hall

Valiant’s main hall and newly installed lockers.

In my excitement to get up to the office I’d actually moved myself a few days earlier. Spending a few days largely alone in the office was eerie, but I was able to mentally prepare for the chaos of the move, and not worry about my own space as everyone else in the firm was building their new workspaces.

Everyone got themselves setup quickly, quietly without too much stress or difficulty, and I was able to spend the second half of the day cleaning, and actually installing the lockers to level them, secure them, and make sure they were in number order (oops). All in all, I think they look great, and they give everyone in the company a place to store their stuff that isn’t the top of their desk.

We’ll have a final post, including an office tour, wrapping up our series on Valiant’s move soon – we’re just waiting for the dust to settle. There will be so much more to share in the coming weeks and months as we continue our evolution as a company, and enhance our new home just in time for our housewarming party!

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