Microsoft Cloud Immersion Experience at Camp David

Have you ever wanted to take a piece of software on a “test drive” before making a commitment? We have, and that’s why I’m excited to announce Valiant’s Cloud Immersion Experience!

The Cloud Immersion Experience is a unique way to explore all the features of Microsoft 365. Microsoft provides Surface workstations, E5 licenses, and a series of personas for attendees to adopt. Attendees assume the role of an employee of Contoso (Microsoft’s favorite fictional company to use in examples), complete with mailboxes full of email, calendars with appointments, and files in OneDrive.

There isn’t a hard-set agenda. There is a sandbox feel to the event. The CIE Facilitator will pose some challenges and show you some tips and tricks, but the real power of the CIE is that each person is free to explore whatever interests them. There is no way to break the system and you can press every button.

At the end of the session you will have a greater idea what Microsoft 365 can offer and how it can be used in your business.

It is exciting to partner with Microsoft to bring the CIE to our customers. I am always thrilled to work directly with customers and to talk about how technology can streamline their workflow. Many times my work is behind the scenes; the CIE is a great way to work face-to-face and feel like I am directly helping people.

We will be hosting our first series of CIE events at Camp David, March 20-22. Please visit our CIE event page for more information. See you there!

Justin has been with Valiant Technology since 2008 and is a member of our Leadership team. His extensive hands-on experience with technology, particularly Microsoft solutions, can be seen in every...

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