Moving on Up: Part 4 – The Floor Plan

Moving Up: Part 4 - The Floor Plan

The Floor Plan

Here’s a first pass floor plan crafted by the excellent team at Lenart Architecture (big thanks to Nancy and her team for being so great!).

6th Floor Office Floor Plan 1

We’re amazed to see that over 35 desks and 3 private offices all fit in the same space we have today. We currently struggle with one office and under 25 desks. In our current office, we often feel cramped, crowded, cluttered and frustrated. But this layout makes it seem easy breezy to fit nearly 50% more people into the same footprint!

I guess this is why people go to school to study these things. Apparently, it isn’t as easy as just throwing a bunch of furniture in a room, pushing it all up against the wall and hoping everything fits, eh?

The Floor Plan: Take 2

Unfortunately, this first pass floor plan didn’t quite work for us, for a number of reasons. First and most notably, the long “galley” like flow of all the people just feels a little too “Viking Longship” to us, with people spread everywhere. There are no distinct zones or spaces (beyond the 3 offices in the rear). The whole office is just sort of people spread thin throughout. So, with a bit of feedback and conversation, we got back an amazing plan B:

6th Floor Office Floor Plan 2

A large open space for the whole team to work, a much larger two-section lounge, an additional office, a larger storage room, reception, and we STILL have more desks than we need.

We are THRILLED with this plan. A few more minor tweaks and we are ready to get to work selecting lighting, colors and other finishes!

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