Moving on Up: Part 2 – The Blank Page Problem

Valiant's new office - raw space

Look around your current office. Imagine that the entire space could get a “do-over”. A full-on ctrl-alt-delete. Pretty much the same walls around the edges, but the inside could just be completely rebuilt.

How easy is it to imagine the blank slate? And how hard would it be to then re-fill that empty space with something new, different, and most importantly – better? Where would you put the conference room? The storage room? The coat closet?

That is the current challenge we’re having at Valiant. In just a few months, we’ll be moving upstairs from our current office. Directly upstairs. 6th floor, same spot. Sure, we’re getting a little more space in the back area, but not too much more. And we’re also getting access to a new level of finish.

Polished concrete floors? Yes! Ceiling fans and spotlights? Hell yeah! A proper home for Chilly Willy, our Hoshizaki ice maker? Woohoo!

Chilly Willy, Valiant's ice machine

We love you Chilly Willy. 55 pounds of ice a day!
Soon you will have a real home.

The Blank Slate

Back to the do over. Here’s our new blank slate:

Valiant's new office - empty floorplan

What to do? Well, here’s some of the things that we’re thinking of:


A new lounge, with nearly double the space, including a movable dividing wall to split it in to 2 rooms during normal hours. We’ll be able to open the space up to accomodate our monthly all-staff meetings, happy hours, and networking events.

Dedicated Offices

Providing each partner with their own office allows us to complete our thoughts without becoming distracted by each other. The challenge of being good friends is that you like to chit-chat, talk about news, memes, company doings and client situations.

Technology Lab

We’ll be burning our lab down to the ground and starting over with much better workbenches, cable management, and tool storage.

Team Workspaces

Keeping the bulk of the team together is paramount. This time around, we’ll do so with better desks and a bit of privacy walls, but not full cubes.

New workspaces

Anyone else have a great idea? We’re listening and suggestions are welcome!


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