Moving on Up: Part 1

Moving on Up: Part 1

Five years have gone by in a blink of an eye. Valiant is about to take on the joyful (painful), exciting (dreaded) task of moving! We’ve had a good time in our current office, but we’ve outgrown it, and we’re also tired of its “quirks” and inefficient layout.

One nice aspect of our upcoming move is that it will be in-building, meaning we wont have to bring our things to the street or rent a moving van. Just haul our stuff up the stairs and plop down in our new office space. Interestingly, this will actually be our fourth space in the building, after:

20th Floor:

I can’t believe we ever lived like this!

Valiant Office - 20th Floor

12th Floor:

Tight quarters, but we made it work:

Valiant Office - 12th Floor

5th Floor:

Our current home, and where the Lounge was born:

Valiant Office - 5th Floor

But first, we have to dream and design our new office, finding efficient options for seating, clever break out spaces, a more flexible lounge, and a new awesome network topology.

In the coming weeks we will bring you regular updates on our upcoming move. While we are quite well versed at moving customers and protecting them from technological pain and stress, we also take every opportunity to help with all the other pains and stresses of moving.

In the following posts, I’ll recap both the steps we take to move smoothly tech-wise, and I’ll also include the non-technical experiences (and how we address them) that are part of every new office adventure.

Stay tuned, and wish us luck.

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