Valiant System Design Philosophy

Justin Penchina

As Valiant’s System Architect, it’s my job to put together all of the various components of a project; an array of varied technologies, products, and services in to a cohesive workflow. I’ve found that the best results come from adhering to three basic principles.

Occam’s Razor (or, K.I.S.S.)

All things being equal, the simplest solution is usually the correct one – or “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” As systems become more complex and workflows absorb multiple components, more potential points of failure are introduced into them. The greater number of points of failure that exist, the more likely a system is to break down – increasing the time required to make repairs and bring it back online.

Stability, Security, and Scalability

Successful systems are the foundation of effective workflows and growth.

First, they need to be stable, which means that they are able to absorb the heaviest workloads that will be thrown at them and be able to survive the failure of individual components. Usually, these two goals are accomplished simultaneously by using including redundancies to immediately address failures with minimal to no impact on performance.

Next, the data stored on these systems must be secured. This covers everything from next-generation firewalls and antivirus software, to file permissions and data loss prevention policies.

Finally, systems need to be scalable and work as expected even as the user base expands. Successful systems can grow with companies like a skeleton; short-sighted systems must be discarded and replaced like the shell of a hermit crab.

Back it Up!

Backup is like insurance; you don’t care about it until you need it. When you do need it, a properly planned backup system makes all the difference. Just like insurance, the trick is to create a balance between cost and the required level of protection.

A business with a workflow that only requires access to files can be completely protected by having a cloud-based copy of those files and pre-written instructions on how to access them.

A company that uses a specific line of business application for day-to-day operations requires a method to get the application up and running again. It’s the difference between an insurance plan that cuts you a check for your damaged car, and one that also give you a rental to use.

Every project plan at Valiant Technology is reviewed by both an engineer and an account manager. Planning for stability and future growth helps every project run smoothly, and ensures that the scope of work matches the business need.

Are you planning a new IT project? Reach out and let us help.

Justin has been with Valiant Technology since 2008 and is a member of our Leadership team. His extensive hands-on experience with technology, particularly Microsoft solutions, can be seen in every...

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