My First Job as a Tech

My first month at Valiant has been awesome. I truly am honored to work for a company that is willing to open doors for me in the I.T. field and teach me new things along the way!

This is my first job as a technician and boy am I learning a lot of new things. I used to work at BestBuy as a Microsoft Expert, and I wish I knew then what I know now.

The culture here at Valiant is great, I like how we can just brainstorm random ideas on the boards we have and how everyone’s opinion matters. My first week here we went out for a pig roast, which was exciting since it was my first week, and my first pig roast!

Everyone here at Valiant has been very helpful and have made me feel part of the team since the first day I started. I’ve learned lots of new things like setting up new users on different email accounts, logging into domains, remotely controlling servers, and creating .PST files. The best part of this experience was when I had to change the RAM and the hard drive on a sick computer. It may be one of the simplest things a tech gets to do, but for someone like me who was doing this for the first time, it was really exciting.

I love telling my friends and family about what I do just because I get the best reaction from them. They are all proud of me, and for the first time in my life I know what I want to do for my career and I don’t plan on looking back. I’m sticking to what I was told the first day and that is “do not be afraid to ask questions” and “don’t touch Cope’s guitar” (or Cope, haha).

Shoutout to the change management team Paul and Kenny for training me, I am very appreciative and I cannot wait for what’s in store moving forward!

Mike is a member of our Change Management team, often in the field installing new equipment, assisting clients with technology changes, and ensuring clients are satisfied in the process. After...

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