Kinda Hot in These Rhinos!

Every month we have an early morning all staff meeting to discuss a stack of topics. We discuss what’s coming next, and we review the happenings of the last 30 days. We celebrate our victories and we reflect on our lessons learned. Most importantly, we keep everyone on the same page. This is an essential opportunity for productive communication, offering everyone a chance to say hello, swap a war story, split a bagel (or two), and drain a couple quick pots of coffee before jumping into our tasks of the day.

But recently we’ve discovered a problem….

We’re running out of room! (And this isn’t even including the challenge of including our Los Angeles and Philadelphia teams!)

Our team has gotten so big that we can’t all fit into a single “normal” sized room, even a room as generously proportioned as the Valiant Lounge. Alas, our hunt for a new office commences! Wish us luck. We’ll still be in the same neighborhood, but we’ll have some more square footage, and better photos of bigger all staff meetings.

Please come visit us here at the Valiant Lounge any time you’d like. Just don’t bring more than 20 friends, because it gets HOT in there quick!

Valiant Technology is the award-winning managed service provider to innovative industries in New York.

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