Careers With Valiant

Reactive Help Desk

Help Desk Engineer

Our Help Desk Techs are responsible for resolving client issues and requests as they are reported. This is the first point of contact for all customers contacting Valiant and support roles will primarily be done remotely via the company’s RMM tools. Typical requests consist of New Employee Setups, Employee Terminations, Email Setups, Desktop troubleshooting, Mobile Device Email Config Walkthroughs, Printer Setups, Virus Removal, etc.

Skills required include:
  • In depth knowledge of Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • MS Office -Basic Email Systems Understanding.
  • Basic Networking Comprehension.


Proactive Services

Level 2

vAdmins are the team members responsible for ensuring proactive service is delivered to our customers. They are accountable for the overall client technical alignment with Valiant’s best practices. All vAdmins work directly with our clients onsite as well as remotely to identify areas of risk or change, maintain client documentation, and to discover new areas that can be automated by working with our shared services team. Along with these responsibilities vAdmins will also take on reactive support responsibilities when not at a client site. Along with the previously mentioned support roles our vAdmins also participate with our project team on certain project deployments going on at their assigned clients.

Skills required include:
  • In depth knowledge of Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Understanding of Windows Server Environments.
  • Email Systems Understanding.
  • Advanced Understating of Networks
  • Exceptional Communication Skills

Account Management

vCIO/Sales Engineering/Relationship Mgmt

Account Managers are the people-people (People persons? Person People? human beings, you know what we mean dammit).They provide high level technical and business consultation to our clients to help them leverage technology to further their business. Additionally, AM’smanage all aspects of the client relationship and ensures the overall satisfaction of the client, from service to project delivery, to billing and purchasing.

Skills required include:
  • Exceptional communication skills.
  • Thorough understanding of a wide range of technology, from desktops, to servers, to cloud.
  • Strong organizational, presentation, customer service, and negotiation skill.
  • Experience with outside sales
  • Proven track record of managing and developing client relationships.

If you’re interested in these or any other position, please send the following TWO things:

1:) a cover letter and 2:) a resume!

to- jobs{@}

Please note that if you don’t send a cover letter, we’ll assume you cannot follow directions or are damaged inside your head. We will then delete your email, hack your Facebook account and fill it with naughty posts, then we’ll send diseased ravens to your house and have them eat your eyeballs.