Security Theatre

Americans experienced a shift in their personal privacy and security this week through the elimination of certain provisions from The […]

Windows Takes A Curtain Call

I find myself wondering if Windows 10, considered the “last version of Windows,” is just window dressing (no pun intended). […]

All Clouds are not created Equal: Part IV

Archive vs Backup Everyone wants every file, everywhere, all the time. This is not feasible, nor cost effective. Not only […]

All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part III

What are we talking about? You must be reading from the same dictionary as your service provider. In addition to […]

All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part II

How Long Can You Live Without Your Stuff? Now that you now know what kind of data you have (from […]

All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part I

How long could you live without your accounts receivable? Losing data is one of the most catastrophic events that any […]

Cryptolocker: What You Need To Know & Why Valiant Has You Covered

Hey folks, Tom Clancy from Valiant here. A dreaded virus called “Cryptolocker” mutated into version 3 recently (with the menacing […]

Why Doesn’t America Have 1 Gig per Second?

The United States, as a whole, is afforded a significantly slower Internet speed than a slew of smaller countries around […]

Tech Spending Predictions for 2015

With the HUGE tax write-offs for tech investing just recently allowed, there is set to be a nice chuck of […]

Valiant Technology Unveils “Valiant Cloud”

As technology changes, we must change with it. Valiant Technology is pleased to announce that we are dedicating more of […]